Story in a Bag

11212190_984470871585482_8905133892067037375_oThe challenge, should you choose to accept it: Write a story in less than an hour, using random prompts you’ve drawn at random from a bag. It doesn’t matter if you are a published writer, a frustrated writer, a closet writer, or a writer-in-training: anyone can participate in ConQuesT’s Story In A Bag contest.

Join us on Saturday morning for our infamous one-hour creative writing exercise/contest sessions. This event is open to all ConQuesT attendees, regardless of past publication status or age.

During the session, each writer selects a series of random prompts from our bags of prompts, which include plot elements, setting, character, first lines, and objects. (The Young Fans division has its own set of age-appropriate prompts.)

You will have the remainder of the hour to compose and edit your story. You MUST use ALL of the prompts you’ve drawn from the bags, including using the first line to kick things off. You story must be no more than five pages if handwritten or three pages if typed. (If typed, you MUST have a way to print the story and return within the hour.) Remember, short and sweet!

All stories written in the Story In A Bag sessions will be posted anonymously  where members of the convention can vote for the stories they like most in each category (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror) and division (Adult, Young Adult, Young Fan).

  • Young Fan: age 12 and younger
  • Young Adult: age 13-16
  • Adult: age 17 and older

NobleFusion Press and the NobleFusion writer’s collective will facilitate the Story In A Bag sessions and help select the winning stories. Winners will be announced at Closing Ceremonies.