Suggest a Panel

Panel Suggestion Form

Please use the Panel Suggestion form to suggest panels you would like to see at ConQuesT. Suggesting a panel does not automatically mean the panel will be scheduled, or that you will be a panelist on the panel.

Panel FAQs

Why didn’t my panel suggestion get on the schedule?

  • We received the idea too late.
  • Too few people signed up to be on it.
  • It duplicated or was too similar to another idea already suggested. Of course, this means that your panel did make it, just under another description/title.
  • We couldn’t figure out what the panel was about.
  • We just ran out of time slots.
  • We received too many ideas. The convention’s attendance determines the number of panels we have every year.

Why didn’t I get on a panel I asked for?

  • The panel never made it to the schedule.
  • There were already enough panelists assigned to the panel.
  • You would have been double-booked at that time (we try to move things around, but can’t always).
  • You indicated that you were unavailable during the time the panel was scheduled.