Masquerade Judge Profile: KiraKun Yamato

Meet KiraKun Yamato, one of the Masquerade Judges at ConQuesT 48: 

KiraKun Yamato
KiraKun Yamato

“Growing up surrounded in the textile world, and set in front of a machine at the age of two, it was only a matter of time until I found something in the world of sewing and textiles that I really enjoyed. All through school anyone else I ran into or had a sewing class with almost always talked about designing clothing/ fashion, and while enjoying that part of the world, it wasn’t for me. I fell in love with the anime world at the age of five, having grown up watching Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and DBZ after school. And having a household that was filled with Star Wars and Star Trek, how could I not want to cosplay. From the age of fifteen I started competing at conventions in their cosplay contests, winning more than 20+ awards, from Best in Craftsmanship to Best in Show. I am fourth generation seamstress in my family, with 25 years of sewing experience, and 15+ years of costuming construction. Being a sucker for anything with a ball gown I’ve made a number of well-known gowns, including Ciel’s pink dress from Kuroshitsuji, Euphemia’s gown in CLAMP’s art book of Code Geass, and even Anthy’s Rose Bride dress from Utena. With the skills I’ve gathered from being a seamstress, and cosplay, I’ve put them to use as I study at UCM for a degree in Textile Archaeology.” 


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