Behavior — Harassment Policy

This is the official Harassment Policy of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Inc. and ConQuesT.

Definition of Harassment

Harassment is any form of behavior that is unwelcome, unreciprocated, and unsolicited which makes an unpleasant, humiliating, or intimidating environment for the person who is the target of that behavior. To provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all convention attendees/club members and allow for a wide diversity of beliefs, lifestyles, and morals, we will adopt and maintain the following behavior protocols.

If you mean NO — say NO.

If you hear NO — STOP!

If you witness someone having trouble saying or hearing NO, get involved using your best judgment.

If you see harassment, contact Con Staff at Operations or speak with a ConQuesT Staff member in your area. If circumstances warrant, intervene as good judgment dictates.

Saying NO

Sometimes out of politeness, people may not be direct when trying to communicate “no.” We need to make it okay to say “no” and mean “no.” Do not joke away, ignore, or minimize unwanted attention. Speak up right away and make your feelings clear. There is nothing wrong nor is there any shame in saying “no.”

Hearing NO

When someone says “no,” then all relevant actions, verbal and/or physical, must stop immediately. There should be no questions, clarifications, cajoling, debate, coercion, or any continuation of any sort of the unwanted attentions. If someone tells you “no,” you will not wait for it to be repeated, and you will not retaliate in any way. It is understood that any continuation of the subject in question is incumbent upon the person saying “no” to initiate.

Witnessing an incomplete NO

There are times when we may be witness to someone struggling or unable to voice a “no,” or there may be someone who has not recognized that “no” was spoken. In either case, we have an obligation as convention attendees/club members to intercede in the situation to make sure all parties reach the correct understanding.

If there is a complaint issued against you

You will have no direct contact of any sort with the convention attendees/club members registering the complaint(s). This includes voice, written, electronic, and face-to-face contact. Inadvertent contact during the course of club and convention events is sometimes unavoidable, and must not be used as a method of initiating unwanted attention.

If you see harassment, contact Con Staff at Operations or speak with a ConQuesT Staff member in your area. If circumstances warrant, intervene as good judgment dictates.


Failure to adhere to KaCSFFS/ConQuesT policies will result in some or all of the following:

  1. Mediation by the ConCom with all parties involved in an incident
  2. Verbal warning
  3. Removal of membership and ejection from ConQuesT
  4. Contacting of local law enforcement

KaCSFFS/ConQuesT is prepared to deal with any violations of our policies as legally, rapidly, and efficiently as possible. We hope that all members will help to make ConQuesT an enjoyable experience for all by respecting the rights of all attendees while in attendance.

KaCSFFS/ConQuesT reserves the right to revoke membership and eject any individual at any time from ConQuesT. No refunds will be provided.

If you have questions about any of ConQuesT policies, please use the contact link on our website.


Please treat the hotel’s staff and general patrons with courtesy and respect. As you should at any hotel, please practice basic safety and security measures: secure your belongings, keep an eye on your children, be aware of strangers, and don’t leave anything in your car that would tempt thieves.


To be granted access to convention areas, your badge must be worn in a visible location at all times. Please comply immediately if asked to show/produce/wear your badge. Parties associated with the convention are required to check for badges as well as ID.


Replica weapons may be worn as part of a costume at the convention, but must be peace bonded by a ConQuesT Operations member or staff. For safety and liability reasons, no real weapons of any kind are allowed at ConQuesT. This includes but is not limited to: realistic-looking firearms and live steel. Replica firearms must have the orange muzzle cap and/or be visibly disabled/unable to fire. Weapons purchased during the convention must be taken directly to your personal space (room, vehicle, etc.)

Follow the Law

The legal drinking age in Missouri is 21. Minors caught with alcohol or adults caught serving alcohol to minors will forfeit their membership and will be evicted from the facilities. Liquor Control agents have been known to mingle among us. Please drink responsibly and act accordingly. NOTE: Alcohol is not permitted in public areas of the hotel.

ConQuesT does not condone the consumption or use of illegal substances. Law enforcement professionals are members of ConQuesT and will take action as necessary. Please do not make them work this weekend!

All convention areas and sleeping rooms are non-smoking by city ordinance.

All members of ConQuesT are expected to abide by state and federal laws. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the convention without refund.


Party Floor Curfew: Children 15 and under must leave the party floor by 11 p.m. unless accompanied by parent or guardian. Additionally, strollers and other devices that can block the doors/hallways are not permitted on the party floor, save for the transportation of children to their room on that floor.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel. Service animals allowed for persons with disabilities.

Cell Phones

Please turn off or set to silent all miscellaneous gadgetry, during programming items.


If any person writes a check to ConQuesT with insufficient funds, that person will thenceforth be on a cash (or credit card) basis only. There will also be a $20 charge in addition to the amount of the check.